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Yes! And without invasive, risky procedures.
Get long lasting results with cellulite massage. A six-week program of this intensive work promotes dimensional inch loss, smoothes out dimpled skin, and flushes toxins stored in fat cells. Since cellulite plagues most women, regardless of age or weight, this is a great massage to offer.
In the Cellulite Massage online course, license massage therapist Susan Brown shows you the manual techniques -- strokes, pressure, depth, and direction -- that have yielded an average of 6 to 12 inches lost from the abdomen to the thighs for her clients...without the clients changing their lifestyles. Before and after photos and documented inch loss verify her results.
As women get older, cellulite visibly worsens. The connective tissue (fascia) in the skin becomes more rigid, and fat cells start storing excess toxins that the body hasn't flushed out. These fibers stay rigid, but the fat cells don't. They push up against the skin like an overstuffed couch, and that's what causes the cottage cheese dimpling effect we call "cellulite." In women, we see this most commonly around the upper abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.
Cellulite massage works by loosening up the fascia, softening it, so it's not so rigid, and softening the fat tissue and expressing the toxins and directing them into the lymphatic system. However, it's not a one-time deal. It involves a six-week program, with three massages per week, totaling 18 massages.
What will I learn in this course?
In this comprehensive 3-hour online course, Susan Brown, LMT, guides you from theory to practical application. In addition to written text, video excerpts are included for discussion of the topics and for visual, step-by-step demonstrations of cellulite massage techniques.
Also included are: benefits and contraindications, treatment alternatives, tips for getting started, ideal candidates, initial assessments, taking measurements, client forms, pricing, setting realistic client goals and expectations, tracking client progress, and post-treatment recommendations. Resources are included for licensing and further information.
In the video demonstrations, Brown goes step-by-step through a complete massage session. This technique is entirely done by hand; no additional equipment is required. In this course, video is excerpted from Cellulite Massage, produced by Aesthetic VideoSource.
"Cellulite massage is highly effective and considered an alternative to liposuction," says Brown. "It's intensive work, but it's worth the effort."
Student feedback has given the course high marks:
  • “I appreciated the before and after photos and the tips for working with clients. It gave me the feeling that this instructor not only wanted to impart her extensive knowledge of the subject but also wanted to help me succeed. Nice and unexpected bonus.” Anne H.
  • “Great course, the videos were/are far better quality than the current lypossage course that I am currently taking, but would like to incorporate a few of these techniques into my lypossage practice.” Daniel De La G., LMT, MMP
  • “…The videos were outstanding. It helps to actually see a procedure being performed rather than just read about it. …For continuing education for massage therapists it is quite good.” Sarah S.
  • “This course was very user friendly. The introduction stated what was being offered and the material was organized… Overall, excellent course.” Sonia M.



... The videos were outstanding.

~ Sarah S.

I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learned a lot.

~ Rebecca H.

... I found the course very informative and well outlined.

~ Keith C.