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Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the Face & Neck Continuing Education CE


Lymphatic Massage for the Face & Neck for Estheticians (3 CE Hours) M80CA


Lymphatic Massage: Face & Neck for Estheticians (3 CE Hrs) M80CA

This course is approved for continuing education by the NCEA Commission on Accreditation and by state licensing boards in D.C., Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Oregon. (Please click this link to see specific information about State Requirements for Estheticians & Cosmetologists.)

In this CE course on lymphatic massage, Meade Steadman, LMT, discusses how the lymphatic system works and how manual lymphatic drainage massage can help promote the proper function of this critical system. He demonstrates the strokes used in lymphatic massage and a complete routine for providing manual lymphatic drainage on the face and neck. In addition to written text, video excerpts are included for discussion of the topics and for visual, step-by-step demonstrations of lymphatic drainage massage techniques. Also included are: benefits and contraindications and post-treatment recommendations. Resources are included for licensing and further information.

This course is worth 3 CE hours

Course Objective:

After completion of this continuing education course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the general purpose of the lymphatic system
  • List three benefits of lymphatic massage
  • List at least ten conditions helped by lymphatic massage
  • List six contraindications for lymphatic massage
  • List six precautions for lymphatic massage
  • Discuss the three main components of the lymphatic system
  • Define lymph
  • Discuss the purpose of lymph vessels
  • List at least six lymph organs
  • Describe the purpose of bone marrow, spleen, and GALT in the lymphatic system
  • Identify the two types of lymphocytes
  • Identify six major groupings of nodes
  • Describe the lymphatic flow
  • Identify six potential problems with a blocked or overloaded lymphatic system
  • Define lymphatic drainage massage
  • Explain how drainage massage assists the lymphatic system
  • Discuss pressure, direction, rhythm, and sequence
  • Demonstrate the two main strokes used in lymphatic drainage massage
  • Perform lymphatic massage on the face and neck
  • List six post-treatment recommendations
  • Explain why each recommendation helps reduce the body’s toxic burden
  • Define 25 terms relevant to lymphatic massage for the face and neck
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 75% or higher


Meade Steadman is a licensed massage therapist and instructor. He taught at the Myotherapy College of Utah and the Myotherapy Institute of Massage. In the classroom, he has taught Swedish, Sports, Acutherapy, Tai Chi, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Infant Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Contraindications, Chair Massage, Geriatric Massage, Specialized Spa Techniques, and Therapeutic Principles. He is also the featured expert in many award-winning instructional videos on various massage modalities. For 26 years he owned and managed Tranquil Touch™ LLC in Salt Lake City, UT. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Utah, and has published in A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology (4th Edition) and Massage and BodyWork Magazine.

Customer Reviews:

“…It was thorough and well laid out. The demonstrations were easy to understand and slow enough so that even a new student would be able to follow and learn the techniques…” Maria W., CMT

“The course was great and very knowledgeable.” Michelle E.

“I enjoyed the course, it was useful.” Sandra B.

“I really like the lesson plan, very concise but yet highly informative.” Alexandra S.

“I really enjoyed receiving this training in an online format and would do it again. I was very impressed. I would not change a thing.” Christia M.

“That was really an amazing course.” Lora N.

“Great coarse materials and presentation.” Chester S.

“Positive impression. In-depth information that I can actually use.” Ellen C.

“The course was very well presented and I enjoyed having some videos incorporated, instead of all just printed material.” Debora B.

“I appreciate the ability to further my education online at my own pace. This course was helpful.” Kelly K.

“The course was very informative and I learned a lot. The hands on instructional videos were an added bonus.” Jameelah J.

“I have other DVD's of Mr. Stedman's and LOVE his work and presentations. Will definitely be taking more from him, along with other Jumozy courses.” Cindy F.

“I was pleased with my course. I will be using you in the future.” Dominique L.

“This course was interesting and informative. This is a really good course to understand the, lymphatic system and how to massage the face and how the lymph system functions in conjunction with the face.” Annie W.

“Very interesting, easy to understand and layout was simple to navigate.” Ginger Y.

“The training was great!!! Thank you very much!!!!!” Maria R.



... The videos were outstanding.

~ Sarah S.

I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learned a lot.

~ Rebecca H.

... I found the course very informative and well outlined.

~ Keith C.