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Comprehensive Reflexology: The Foot Continuing Education CE


Comprehensive Reflexology for the Foot (7.5 CE hours) R9C


Comprehensive Reflexology: The Foot (7.5 CE hours) R9C

In this comprehensive continuing education (CE) course on foot reflexology, Meade Steadman, LMT and professional educator, will guide you from theory to practical application. Discussions include the various hypotheses of why reflexology works to the current research substantiating some of the claims. In addition to written text, video excerpts are included for visual, step-by-step demonstrations of techniques and how to work the whole body for balance. In addition to the body map, foot anatomy, body physiology, and systems are discussed, explaining the interconnections and providing guidance for working reflexes to address specific health problems. Also included are: history, benefits and contraindications, tips for getting started, working on infants and geriatric and pregnant clients, after-treatment, marketing, and other professional concerns. Resources are included for licensing, certification, and further information.

This course is worth 7.5 CE hours

Course Objective:

After completion of this CE course, you will be able to:

  • Define reflexology
  • Discuss the five theories in broad terms
  • Summarize the general consensus on this healing technique
  • Determine where to inquire about licensing requirements and get certification
  • Summarize the history of reflexology from ancient times until today
  • List the people credited with evolving and popularizing reflexology
  • Set up a room with the recommended items
  • Welcome a client and prepare them for a reflexology session
  • Relax a client prior to treatment
  • Perform the six techniques used to provide reflexology
  • Explain why "diagnosing" and "healing" are discouraged
  • List nine benefits of reflexology
  • List seven contraindications for providing reflexology
  • Map the organs and other body parts to reflexes on the feet
  • Understand the general anatomy of the foot
  • List the eleven systems of the body
  • Summarize the functions of each system
  • Perform a general reflexology session on the right and left feet
  • Determine which reflexes should be worked to address specific health issues
  • Identify concerns specific to infants, expecting mothers, older clients, and those who are terminally ill
  • List three after-treatment recommendations
  • Discuss possible side effects, also known as "healing crisis"
  • List six long-term client suggestions
  • Market your services
  • Determine how much to charge for your services
  • Create three client record forms
  • Determine recommended client scheduling
  • Define 131 terms relevant to reflexology for the foot
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 75% or higher


Meade Steadman is a licensed massage therapist and instructor. He taught at the Myotherapy College of Utah and the Myotherapy Institute of Massage. In the classroom, he has taught Swedish, Sports, Acutherapy, Tai Chi, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Infant Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Contraindications, Chair Massage, Geriatric Massage, Specialized Spa Techniques, and Therapeutic Principles. He is also the featured expert in many award-winning instructional videos on various massage modalities. For 26 years he owned and managed Tranquil Touch™ LLC in Salt Lake City, UT. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Utah, and has published in A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology (4th Edition) and Massage and BodyWork Magazine.

Customer Reviews:

“I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learned a lot. I appreciated the longer videos, which helped demonstrate how to actually perform the reflexology techniques and see what I was supposed to be doing. The reading and terminology was easy to follow. …I enjoyed the material/quiz coverage, and the balance of video demo and reading material. It seemed to be pretty thorough as well… .” Rebecca H.

“I have taken this course, and greatly enjoyed it. It was informative and easy to follow.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent taking this course.” Jennifer B.

“All the information is presented in a wonderful way – the sections are short enough as to not be intimidating, and easy to read and understand as to retain the information. The video clips are great – I particularly liked the one about precautions, where Meade brings up the point that a practitioner is an authority figure, and people will take you at your word. I thought that was an excellent way of getting the point across for a practitioner to be honest and responsible in their work.” Nicole W.

“Very good, it let me do it in my own time.” Lidia S.

“I love the videos that are a part of the course. It really helps in fact that is why I chose Jumozy. I searched on massage therapy CEU videos.” Emily M.

“Loved it.” Debra W.

“The course is very instructive. Congratulations.” Osvaldo M.

“It was educational.” Mylissa C.

“I found the course very informative.” Jennifer G.

“Very knowledgeable.” Mario C.

“The course was very well formatted and orderly.” Nichole T.

“I am pleased with this course. The information is relevant. The presentation is clear…” Kelly K.

“This was a great course to give me the general ideas and techniques for reflexology. Im glad it was reasonably priced, as it gave me a better understanding to whether I'd like and be interested in this topic before taking an expensive hands on course.” Andrea G.

“Professional site, easy to understand.” Christina A.

“Wonderful course! Extremely easy to read, understand, and then take each quiz feeling prepared. More instructional videos! I liked watching Meade demonstrate the techniques.” Elizabeth B.

“Great course!” Lauren P.



... The videos were outstanding.

~ Sarah S.

I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learned a lot.

~ Rebecca H.

... I found the course very informative and well outlined.

~ Keith C.