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Laser Hair Removal Continuing Education CE


Online Laser Hair Removal Training Course (10 CE Hours) S18C


Learn laser hair reduction skills and techniques.

This 10-hour course includes 1 hour 44 minutes of award-winning online training videos.


In this online laser hair removal training course you'll learn how to perform common laser hair removal treatments for the face, underarms, bikini area, back, and legs, as well as the science behind this increasingly popular cosmetic option for both men and women. Achieve the cosmetic effects that clients are seeking.

Two physicians — Christine Whitelaw, MD, and Mark B. Taylor, MD — demonstrate step-by-step procedures and parameter considerations on an IPL and a combined Alexandrite/YAG laser machine. Demonstrations are on male and female models with different Fitzpatrick types.

In this laser and IPL training course, you will also learn about how laser hair removal works, different laser options, benefits and contraindications, procedure guidelines, eye protection options, cooling methods, marketing tips, and other insights gleaned from years of experience.

In this online laser hair removal training course, you will learn about:
•    How laser hair removal/reduction works
•    Different laser options
•    Benefits and contraindications
•    Laser treatment guidelines
•    Eye protection options
•    Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) safety
•    Cooling methods during laser treatment
•    Marketing tips and insights

Course Objectives:

After completion of this continuing education course, you will be able to:

•    Define laser hair removal
•    Discuss the hair growth cycle
•    Discuss a general laser hair removal treatment
•    List different laser options
•    Explain the Fitzpatrick scale and different skin types
•    Discuss machine selection
•    Explain what should be discussed during the patient consultation
•    List cautionary notes and possible side effects of laser hair removal
•    List six contraindications of laser hair removal
•    List four client responsibilities
•    Discuss procedure guidelines
•    Explain what a client objective plan is
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the face with an IPL machine
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the underarms with an IPL machine
•    Demonstrate the use of a cold rolling pin as the pre and post-cooling method
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the bikini area with an IPL machine
•    Demonstrate the use of ice packs as the pre and post-cooling method
•    Discuss the use of topical anesthetics and when they are appropriate
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the legs
•    Discuss topical clearing agents, home-based lasers, and different methods of cooling
•    Demonstrate a laser hair removal procedure on a man’s back
•    Demonstrate different cooling methods
•    Discuss the use of eflornithine hydrochloride or Vaniqa for patients that have light or red hair and also possible laser options for them
•    Discuss the use of lasers which have other modalities added to them such as radio frequency and vacuum
•    Discuss post-treatment care
•    List seven things the client should do to maximize the treatment and minimize the side effects
•    List five benefits of laser hair removal
•    List four risks of doing laser hair removal
•    List three after-treatment care protocols that patients need to do
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the underarms with an Alexandrite & YAG machine
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the upper lip with an Alexandrite & YAG machine
•    Demonstrate a complete laser hair removal procedure on the bikini area with an Alexandrite & YAG machine
•    Discuss clothing patients may wear
•    Discuss marketing laser hair removal services from beginner strategies to more sophisticated marketing techniques as your experience increases
•    Define 65 terms relevant to laser hair removal
•    Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 75% or higher

This course is worth 10 CE hours


Christine Whitelaw, MD, graduated from the University of Notre Dame and St. George's University of Medicine. She is an experienced instructor in medical treatments including laser hair removal, mesotherapy, sclerotherapy, laser collagen treatments, and photorejuvenation treatments.

Mark B. Taylor, MD, is a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon who has been in practice for over thirty years. Since the origination of laser treatments for the skin, Dr. Taylor has been a leader in the field of cosmetic laser surgery, pioneering and teaching many new laser techniques to over 4,000 doctors worldwide.

Approved By:

This course is approved for continuing education by the National Coalition of Estheticians Association (NCEA) Commission on Accreditation (COA) and by state licensing boards in D.C., Iowa and Oregon. See specific information about state licensing continuing education requirements for Estheticians.

Customer Reviews:

“I’m very satisfied with this class, Laser Hair Removal, it was very well structured. Key that both doctors took the time to explain in detail each procedure and the importance of the use of each machine (IPL and YAG laser). Also, I learned a few tips from this class that I’ll apply in my practice.” Rose C.

“This course is well articulated with all the reading aides well outlined. I have found everything informative and easy to go through, especially for someone on a tight schedule.” Charles K.

“I liked that a comparison was given to other treatments. The course was very informative, detailed and the procedures were thoroughly explained. I like the tips that were given and that marketing was included.” Pamela R.

“I like how professionally it was done. I like the instructors, they were thorough and informative. Overall, I think it was very good, it taught me what I needed to know. I feel pretty confident after this course. Thank you so much I enjoyed this great course.” Georgia O.


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