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Jumozy Courses

“I signed up and they are recognized by the CMTO. They have a bunch of cool courses you can take." Lara W

"The price of the classes are reasonable, and they're great classes." Christine G


Cellulite Massage

“I appreciated the before and after photos and the tips for working with clients. It gave me the feeling that this instructor not only wanted to impart her extensive knowledge of the subject but also wanted to help me succeed. Nice and unexpected bonus.” Anne H.

“Great course, the videos were/are far better quality than the current lypossage course that I am currently taking, but would like to incorporate a few of these techniques into my lypossage practice.” Daniel De La G., LMT, MMP

“…The videos were outstanding. It helps to actually see a procedure being performed rather than just read about it. …For continuing education for massage therapists it is quite good.” Sarah S.

“This course was very user friendly. The introduction stated what was being offered and the material was organized… Overall, excellent course.” Sonia M.

“I love the information--the intake/evaluation process, the actual massage, and the pricing…” Tamara C.

“A good course especially for the money. I will definitely consider other Jumozy Courses.” Jeff R.

“I enjoyed the course.” Travis C.

“This course exceeded my expectations. It provided a lot of information packed into a short 3-hr course... Thank you, I enjoyed the course, and I look forward to seeing what you offer in the future.” Sonia B.

“I think the course is well done.” Phyllis T.

“Enjoyed this course, very informative…” Dana L.

“The course was complete, met the objectives, and was easy to understand. Valuable information. Good video quality.” Marilyn H.

“Very clear and easy to understand!” Diane L.

“It was wonderful thank you!” Danyel R.

“I thought it was very concise and meet the objectives.” Pamela C.

“It’s a unique additive to my massage therapy practice.” Christiane C.

“I liked that I was able to log in and go back to continue and finish my course!” Hella O.

“I was thoroughly happy with the course. It was informative, easy to access and complete.” Felicia H.

“The course was very impressive, informative and detail oriented with hands on skills, and of protocol and procedures. I enjoyed this course tremendously, looking forward to the next one. Thanks so much. Good Work!” Annie W.

“Very satisfied in content, and presentation.” Joan O.

“Very educational.” Amber H.

“I thought it was great. It was clear, to the point and easy to follow and understand. I really like the videos.” Jeannette W.

“The course was great, comprehensive and thorough.” Miaja J.

“It was great. Very thorough.” Lauren M.

Comprehensive Reflexology: The Foot

“I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learned a lot. I appreciated the longer videos, which helped demonstrate how to actually perform the reflexology techniques and see what I was supposed to be doing. The reading and terminology was easy to follow. …I enjoyed the material/quiz coverage, and the balance of video demo and reading material. It seemed to be pretty thorough as well… .” Rebecca H.

“I have taken this course, and greatly enjoyed it. It was informative and easy to follow.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent taking this course.” Jennifer B.

“All the information is presented in a wonderful way – the sections are short enough as to not be intimidating, and easy to read and understand as to retain the information. The video clips are great – I particularly liked the one about precautions, where Meade brings up the point that a practitioner is an authority figure, and people will take you at your word. I thought that was an excellent way of getting the point across for a practitioner to be honest and responsible in their work.” Nicole W.

“Very good, it let me do it in my own time.” Lidia S.

“I love the videos that are a part of the course. It really helps in fact that is why I chose Jumozy. I searched on massage therapy CEU videos.” Emily M.

“Loved it.” Debra W.

“The course is very instructive. Congratulations.” Osvaldo M.

“It was educational.” Mylissa C.

“I found the course very informative.” Jennifer G.

“Very knowledgeable.” Mario C.

“The course was very well formatted and orderly.” Nichole T.

“I am pleased with this course. The information is relevant. The presentation is clear…” Kelly K.

“This was a great course to give me the general ideas and techniques for reflexology. Im glad it was reasonably priced, as it gave me a better understanding to whether I'd like and be interested in this topic before taking an expensive hands on course.” Andrea G.

“Professional site, easy to understand.” Christina A.

“Wonderful course! Extremely easy to read, understand, and then take each quiz feeling prepared. More instructional videos! I liked watching Meade demonstrate the techniques.” Elizabeth B.

“Great course!” Lauren P.

Comprehensive Reflexology: The Hand

“I enjoyed this very much. I thought the information was comprehensive without being too complicated.” Anne H.

“I felt the information in this course was comprehensive and covered all the major points and information. The videos …were well done and I felt I came away with useful information that I could easily implement…” Maria W., CMT

“I felt the information in this course was comprehensive and covered all the major points and information.  The videos …were well done and I felt I came away with useful information that I could easily implement… .” Maria W., CMT

“I enjoyed this very much.  I thought the information was comprehensive without being too complicated.” Anne H.

“Hi guys, just to say: I am a huge fan of your website! I work and live in the United Kingdom, three weeks ago I took the Hand Reflexology course. Great course! Cheers" Lora T.

“Great course, very thorough…” Brianna M.

“It was a great experience.” Lora T.

“Excellent course.” Lauren R.

“Very good balance of info & video... Nice online units & feedback from assessments. THANKS for this course to earn CEU's!” Patti S.

“I really enjoyed the process it was very informative.” Stephanie W.

“Challenging and valuable information.” Angela R.

“It was to the point and clear.” Elizabeth R.

“It was great. Loved the videos and demonstrations.” Michelle K.

“Really good course, good information.” Gene H.

“I really enjoyed this hand reflexology course and liked the videos that went along with the online reading material - a very nice balance.” Maura K.

“I enjoyed the thorough testing and curriculum.” Jacqueline W.

“The course was easy to follow and navigate through. Very detailed and informative.” Gina T.

“I thought this was an informative course. The instructor is very professional and explained material in a relevant manner.” Kelly K.

“Very informative and professional.” Christina A.

“Would not change anything. Was glad I could take as long as I needed to complete the course.” Resa P.

Craniosacral Therapy

"I think the presenter was great" Candace J., LMT

"The course and videos are clear, concise and well delivered." Kandace H., LMT

"It was a very good and easy course to take...All of the information was easy to read and understand." Terri C., LMT

"I thought the course was excellent, the instructor professional and easy to understand, and I look forward to incorporating the material into my routines, especially for headache and migraine treatment." John B., LMT

"I loved that there was an introduction to the instructor and a description of the videos. It helped create a foundation to what I was about to get into. I really enjoyed the course and the product I interacted with." Olivia H., CMT

“This course was very informative. I am interested in pursuing craniosacral therapy, and this gave me a nice base. The demonstration videos were very helpful and timed perfectly. Very professional presentation.” Deborah H.

“Very clear and educational.” Van M.

“I thought this course was excellent, professional and to the point.” Donna C.

“John Hoffmann rocked! Very clear, concise, and detailed. I have now completed 5 classes here on Jumozy and this is by far the best Jumozy class I have taken.” Laura S.

“I very much liked the organization and the way every page provided a measure of progress.” Elizabeth W.

“It was clear, concise, and very enjoyable. I already use craniosacral therapy in my practice, but needed some inspiration...I got it!” Rebecca B.

“It was very educational.” Jamey P.

“Very good course. Thank you!” Roxanne S.

“Very informative and concise!” Veronica H.

“I enjoyed it, especially the videos.” Anne L.

“It was a good introduction to the modality. I don't think one can become proficient at CST without doing some hands on practice, however I found this course a helpful starting point.” Lisa R.

“The course was very interesting & informative. I learned a lot. The instructor was great.” Michelle E.

Full Body Chair Massage

“Overall I think the instructor had great knowledge and passion for the subject and I enjoyed it very much.”
Anne H.

“I enjoyed it and learned a few new techniques, like working on the legs in the chair. Thanks!” Suzanne W.

I liked the course very much and look forward to more classes. Thank you very much.” Daniel V.

“Course was great!” Terry H.

"This course was very comprehensive and professional. Thorough yet understandable in it's presentation. I teach an NCBTMB course "Secrets of Chair Massage for Events" but do not go into as much detail as this course, focused specifically on the Las Vegas Convention market. Totally enjoyed this course and will recommend it to others!!” Paul L.

“Lot of information, very well done, and comprehensive.” Yves-Margarette M.

 “Excellent explanation of benefits of massage.” Kari G.

 “I was very pleased with the entire course. Instructor had a wonderful way of keeping me interested. I was able to absorb information very easily. I've been a LMT, NMT for 20 years. Long time! I've taken a lot of classes. I would definitely take more from your site and recommend to my fellow MT's.” Jodie D.

“I really enjoyed the videos and demonstration. It was like being in a hands on class but not!” Jessica B.

“I thought the course was very informative and helpful. I liked how it addressed the whole spectrum of chair massage including marketing ideas. I definitely learned quite a few things that I can incorporate into my own practice.” Heather B.

“I liked the way it was set up in categories almost like in chapters. It gave people the ability to pace themselves and do a one at a time. Rather than viewing an entire video then taking the test afterwards. Also, the units allowed a person even with a busy schedule to do a little at a time and still complete the class. It was easy to follow, clear and direct. The information covered an array of topics on the subject which was very helpful…” Lisa P.

“This was a very good courses which was informative and supported by excellent video support and techniques.” Marjorie R.

Great course, well presented. i would recommend this course.” Steven M.

“I thought the course was fun and informative…” Ricardo N.

“I thought it was a very comprehensive course for someone interested in pursuing chair massage work...” Bonnie S.

“Great course, nice videos, very knowledgeable and engaging instructor.” Emma P.

“I loved this course. I do a lot of chair massages and this course gave me some new ideas I am definitely going to incorporate into my massages…” Teresa N.

“I was very happy with the course and the price. The videos were very clear and informative.” Shelby L.

“Excellent course provided by a very knowledgeable instructor.” Susan S.

“Love the course.” Shaunte M.

“It was well presented with good visual from video clips. Your company quickly responded to my question…”  Lisa D.

Full Body Stone Massage (3 CE HRS)

“…The course is really well laid out and clearly explained. Video quality, instruction and demonstrations are excellent. I like the way that many aspects are integrated into the explanation of the technique, such as reviews of body mechanics and anatomy.  All in all, really well done.” Maureen S.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructional component is excellent.” Ken E.

“Good material and perfect for an already licensed massage therapist.” Taylor C.

“The course was very easy to follow.” Jennifer S.

“I truly loved taking this course so much I'm actually doing it to myself after my physical workouts. After the cold stone therapy I feel energized! Thank you.” Aida T.

“I enjoyed the thoroughness and felt the instructor was very proficient. Thank you.” Mylissa C.

“Great course, very informative.” Gary H.

Full Body Stone Massage (7 CE HRS)

“I really enjoyed the course. Hot Stone is a therapy I want to include in my treatments.” John B.

“Very good, easy to use format, good quality videos.” Fiona B.

“The course was great.” Caitlin W.

“The course was challenging but informative. I found myself appreciating the freedom to take the time to learn the information presented and to answer and try again when needed.” Rachel K.

“I enjoyed the course very much.” Daniel V.

“The course is very good and has well organized information.” Mayank J.

“Great course. I enjoyed the content, the instructor’s knowledge coupled with the testing.” Tami V.

"This course was very informative and thorough. Meade Steadman makes great DVD's." Michelle E.

Lymphatic Massage for Body (4.5 CE HRS)

“I thought this course was amazing and impressive in presentation and the information provided. You have created an awesome class and resource…” Nicole W.

“…I found the course very informative and well outlined. I thought all of the information given was useful and the images were easy to learn from. The tests assessed knowledge of the course fairly, while still including some details that required you to pay attention during the units.” Keith C.

“Your course was very informative and helpful.” Justin M.

“I really liked the video clips which were clear and thorough. It was very effective the way the material was reinforced… I liked the holistic focus of the course.” Kandace H.

“I liked how thorough it was. …The video in all sections is good. … This was straightforward and a good introduction to lymphedema. … I felt this gives a good, basic overview of procedures.” Kate S.

“I really enjoyed the course. I would want to practice a bit more but I feel comfortable performing Lymphatic Massage based on the information provided. It was thorough and articulate and the quizzes were specific enough that you really need to take good notes to score well. I think it is the perfect level for someone like me: a licensed massage therapist that already has foundational knowledge  of practices and terminology.” Olivia H.

“As a bodywork therapist, I found this course enhanced my knowledge of the lymphatic system and it seemed pretty thorough.” Rekha B.

“This course was very informative. …information was laid out clearly and concisely.” Rhea W.

“The course was great! Very credible. All sources were cited. As far as the technical aspect goes, it was 98% top notch.” Brad C.

“I enjoyed the demonstration as I am more of a hands-on person.  … I did like the vocabulary review before the final test. I found it to be very helpful and it was great to go thru all the new/old terms.”  Candace J.

“I found the course to be very well presented. …I actually enjoyed the entire course, found it easy to navigate, found the instructor to be personable, engaging and knowledgeable, and found the course, as a whole, to be informative. I thought the video presentations were very well done and the filming of the instructor as he presented the demonstrations to be non-invasive. I was able to see each maneuver and stroke he performed. …I look forward to putting into practice what I have learned. …This is a huge help to me.” John B.

“I like that the instructor showed how to do techniques, what tips work best based on his experience, etc.”
Judith I.

 “Awesome course!” Olga W.

“This was a good course with plenty of video to show the techniques.” Van M.

“The course was easy to follow and thorough.” Tamara D.

“The course is informative and has a great instructor.” Laura G.

“I thought the course was great, presented very well, clear and to the point.” Kelly C.

“I really liked the course. It was very informative and made me able to practice this massage.” Jenna N.

"The instructor is knowledgeable & presents information in an organized manner." Donna M.

Lymphatic Massage for Body (9.5 CE HRS)

“I found the course to be very well presented.  I actually enjoyed the entire course, found it easy to navigate, found the instructor to be personable, engaging and knowledgeable and found the course, as a whole, to be informative.  I thought the video presentations were very well done and the filming of the instructor as he presented the demonstrations to be non-invasive.  I was able to see each maneuver and stroke he performed.  I look forward to putting in practice what I have learned.” John B.

“I liked the holistic focus of the course.  I appreciated being able to read about and then see instruction on rhythm, flow, direction.  This reinforced the learning’s.  I also liked that both sides were demonstrated on the body for additional viewings of the techniques.” Kandace H.

“I really enjoyed the course.  I would want to practice a bit more but I feel comfortable performing Lymphatic Massage based on the information provided. It was thorough and articulate and the quizzes were specific enough that you really need to take good notes to score well.  I think it is the perfect level for someone like me; a licensed massage therapist that already has foundational knowledge, practices, and terminology.  This simply builds up that base.”  Olivia H.

"As a bodywork therapist I found this course enhanced my knowledge of the lymphatic system and it seemed pretty thorough." Rekha B.

“I was very pleased with the course. It was thorough and specific and was at the perfect level for someone like me; therapist with foundational knowledge of the industry and terminology used. I really liked that you could submit quiz answers to check them. I really liked that it wasn't timed and that there were visuals. They were very effective and helpful for me.” Olivia H.

“The course was thorough and more difficult than I thought it would be. It provided a lot of information that I can really use. The way that things were broken down made it easy for me to learn the concepts.” Rhea W.

“Wonderful, easy to understand and so through.” Tamara R.

“I enjoyed the course. It is very informative.” Lindsay M.

“Very good, would try another course again soon.” Terry S.

“I enjoyed it and learned a lot.” Polly A.

“This course was informative, interesting and educational, excellent price, easy to log in, everything was just so easy and relaxed, love the video presentations. I will be returning for more not just for CEU's but because I liked your video presentations and courses. Thanks for all your help, your the best!” Annie W.

“I’m very pleased with this course!” Jillian F.

“I thought the course was very thorough, well organized and presented.” William F.

“The course educates and stimulates a need to learn more. It is very well done.” Bob C.

"A very comprehensive course, in keeping with the standard of quality and quantity of information necessary for continuing education in the field of Massage and Skincare." Helen D.

Lymphatic Massage for Face & Neck

“…It was thorough and well laid out. The demonstrations were easy to understand and slow enough so that even a new student would be able to follow and learn the techniques…” Maria W., CMT

“The course was great and very knowledgeable.” Michelle E.

“I enjoyed the course, it was useful.” Sandra B.

“I really like the lesson plan, very concise but yet highly informative.” Alexandra S.

“I really enjoyed receiving this training in an online format and would do it again. I was very impressed. I would not change a thing.” Christia M.

“That was really an amazing course.” Lora N.

“Great coarse materials and presentation.” Chester S.

“Positive impression. In-depth information that I can actually use.” Ellen C.

“The course was very well presented and I enjoyed having some videos incorporated, instead of all just printed material.” Debora B.

“I appreciate the ability to further my education online at my own pace. This course was helpful.” Kelly K.

“The course was very informative and I learned a lot. The hands on instructional videos were an added bonus.” Jameelah J.

“I have other DVD's of Mr. Stedman's and LOVE his work and presentations. Will definitely be taking more from him, along with other Jumozy courses.” Cindy F.

“I was pleased with my course. I will be using you in the future.” Dominique L.

“This course was interesting and informative. This is a really good course to understand the, lymphatic system and how to massage the face and how the lymph system functions in conjunction with the face.” Annie W.

“Very interesting, easy to understand and layout was simple to navigate.” Ginger Y.

“The training was great!!! Thank you very much!!!!!” Maria R.

"I enjoyed this course and feel confident to apply what I've learned in my treatments." Doreen L

Microdermabrasion: Crystal-Free Techniques

“The video was clear and professional; the use of skin analysis machine and showing the skin was great. The content was clear and well delivered. The standards were high. I really liked the introduction of complimentary therapies to the Crystal free Microdermabrasion like peels, Ozone, hammer, skin analysis and masks/Vitamin A. I liked the use of two different machines and benefits and features for both. Overall I think it shows great content for someone wanting to introduce Microdermabrasion to the treatment protocol. Enough information to perform the treatment proficiently.” Millissa R.

“I liked the video a lot, very professional, well done, and interesting.  I’d love to use it to train new people at the salon and I learned a few things that I wasn’t aware of.” Kelsi M.

“The course was great! Tina Zillmann was amazing to learn from her and watch the step-by-step advanced procedure. I found all the information valuable. I loved the course.” Umi P.

Myofascial Release

“I thought the course material was outstanding and teaching a method of massage that most therapists don’t have a full grasp on. I thought the videos contained great information and demonstrations.  …Overall I thought the course is a great resource for therapists.”  Benjamin T.

“I was very satisfied with this course; it was fun and educational…” Scott C.


“I found the course professional and easy to follow.” Bev G.

“The course was very thorough and informative. I learned a lot from this course.” Michelle E.

“The instructor was first rate, very good and informative.” Jeff R.

“I really liked this course. As an O.T. I liked the professional content with the muscle function and review.” Victoria H.

“Over all the course is quite good, thorough and professional.” Renee R.

“Excellent presentation and videos.” Pratheesh R.

“I enjoyed it, and definitely would recommend.” Maybel J.

"A very informative course as to how to give a true deep tissue massage in a noninvasive style. It equips the student with details as to how to approach the body, expectations during massage; and how to use your hands as effective tools to achieve maximum benefits for clients. Thanks." Annie W.

Reflexology for Allergies & Asthma